Tired of bullying: teenager comes out of surgery looking completely different
What a disease...

It wasn’t a shark: The reason behind the bathers’ horror was much worse
Strength in unity

Children's hospitals have been using this trick to combat poor sleep for years. Now you can use it
The heavyweight solution to bad sleep

Mom's trying to kill us! Pregnant woman drives her car with three screaming children into the sea
Horrific scenes on the beach

Horrific death of a 20-year-old: Six months after the accident, police found something incredible at the crash site
Six months later

This kid goes to the animal shelter and sees what the adults couldn't
So moving...

The birth of a strange animal frightened the entire village
Poor animal

The man with the camera experiences the most dangerous moment of his life
A narrow escape

Striking discovery: Wild animal without eyes is found crying for its life
How does he look now?

A man brutally threw an old woman to the ground. A moment later he was hit with a crushing blow
In broad daylight

Twelve ways to use lip balm that you've definitely never thought of. No. 3 is my favorite.
Not just for your lips

She waited on this grumpy old man every day without complaint. But when he passed away, she found out who he really was
A tip she'll never forget

It's quite scary how the shape of your nail reveals so much about you see which one you are
How is this possible?

This woman woke up with horrible pain in her legs and strange bruising. What she had done the day before had been a step too far
Pushing the limits

Unimaginable death: That's why this mother took a picture of her daughter who had just died
Gone too soon

This has to be the worst downfall of a child star that I've ever seen. Is his early fame to blame?
Fallen star

They leave this cat alone with three baby ducklings. What's captured on film surprised even me
At first she licks them, but then...

This animal didn’t act like an ass when they helped him out of the water. Quite the opposite, his rescuers couldn’t believe it
Happy little fella!

This man set up a hidden camera to capture the alarm he suffers early every morning
Like clockwork

What this waitress finds on the table left her in tears. You must read her story
Think of me

The men saw the child's two pale legs sticking out of the washing machine. They pulled on them and couldn't believe their eyes