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When her dog bit her, this mother was seriously shocked. But then she noticed the real danger

In the nick of time

Andrew and Clara Davis from Vancouver, Washington, had been asking their parents for a dog for years. It was their biggest wish, and it finally came true when Patch joined their family. They fell in love with him at first sight, and he soon nuzzled his way into the hearts of everyone in the family. But as time went by, a problem developed.

The family feared that they had made a serious mistake: they had underestimated the dog's need for space. Patch was simply too big for their small house.

Here you can watch the whole story on video:

They knew that it would break the kids' hearts to give Patch away, but they didn't see any other solution and so convened a family meeting.

As the parents broke the sad news that they needed to find Patch a new home, the children protested vehemently. The didn't want to be separated from their beloved friend and loyal family member. Their mother Nola couldn't bear to break her children's hearts and promised to postpone the final decision for a few days.

One afternoon, Nola was at home alone and decided to take a bath to relax. While she was lying in the tub, Patch unexpectedly came into the bathroom and refused to leave. Eventually, Patch started biting Nola on the wrist. This got her attention but worried her at the same time. When she stepped out of the tub and looked through the bathroom door towards the stairs, she saw to her horror that the entire house was engulfed in flames.

Nola and Patch escaped into the yard together. But then seeing her car parked beside the house, Nola wanted to run back into the house to get her car keys. Patch was having none of it, and wouldn't allow his beloved friend to go back in. At that moment, there was a violent explosion and the house collapsed.

Patch had saved Nola's life not once, but twice. After this event one thing was clear: Patch would be staying with the family!

The family has found a new home in the meantime, one that has enough space for all of them — which naturally includes Patch! The kids feel much safer now that they know they have a four-legged friend watching out for them.

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