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A man greets this young girl every day. She doesn't show up one day so he goes to her house, only to make a horrifying discovery

20 years later

Klynn Scales was nine years old when she went through a very difficult phase in her childhood. She grew up in a home filled with violence and drugs where her single mother completely neglected her and her brothers. She begrudgingly stole food for herself and her siblings from the local 7-Eleven as there was no one else to look out for them. As fate would have it, one man was about to change all that.

A local police officer was the only person she trusted and admired. "To get us through all the bad situations, I would picture him saying that he was here for us, and that if we ever needed him, he would be right there. He would always protect us. And so those words would come to me during the worst times of my childhood life," said Klynn when talking about her experience via Facetime on Fox News.

"Sgt. Jeff Colvin — A True Hero." In the following video, you can learn more about this wonderful story:

Jeff Colvin, who at the time was working at the East Patrol Station, would greet the little girl every day. To begin with, Jeff was not aware of the the young child’s circumstances, but one day he did not see her like he usually would while on his rounds. Somehow he knew that something was up and began an investigation.

On that particular day, he found Klynn at home. It was a heartbreaking scene: she lay sick, malnourished and neglected. No one was there to look after her or her brothers. Jeff took her to a hospital and from that day onward took it upon himself to change her life for the better.

Unfortunately, they lost contact with each other after that. Klynn didn’t even know her hero’s name. After a while, she left Missouri.

Today, some 20 years later, she is living in Houston. And up until recently she had never had the opportunity to thank Jeff properly for what he did for her.

It was not that long ago that Jeff received an email about a little girl who had lived near the East Patrol Station while he was working there. The police officer, Jennifer Jones, who Klynn had got in touch with to help locate her former rescuer, found Jeff still living there. Finally, Klynn and Jeff were able to meet up again in Kansas City. "Often during our career, we do not realize if we’ve really helped anyone," Jeff explained. "That's how I felt; I was not sure I had chosen the right profession at all," he continued.

Klynn for one, is very glad she finally got to thank him for his admirable act. He really, genuinely helped her, which is why she will never forget her hero. To remember his kind act and as a tribute to him, she wears a bracelet all the time with a special inscription on it:


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