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This terminally ill man only had a few hours left. When his friend saw him, he took off like lightning because he knew one last thing

One last time

Jon Stanley from South Bend, Indiana, wasn't doing well. He had fought long and hard against the cancer in his lungs and brain, and doctors had done all they could. But despite all their efforts, Jon didn't have much longer to live.

His family had brought him home from the hospital so he could spend his final days with them. At this point he could no longer speak and was reliant on a respirator to keep him alive.

You can watch this moving scene in this video...

Jon had always been a huge motorbike enthusiast, so it was no surprise when fellow biker and friend David Thompson came to visit him. David wanted to do something for his friend, and even though Jon couldn't speak to tell him his wish, David knew exactly what he wanted and quickly set to work to fulfill his friend's final request.

David knew that time was running out, so he put out a call on Facebook to all bikers in the region. A couple of days later a group of about 200 people and over 100 motorbikes met and drove over to Jon's house. There they gave Jon the final serenade he had wished for: the sweet sound of those roaring engines was music to his ears!

Lying in his bed in the house, Jon could hear the engines as clear as day. It was the sound that had always made him happy his entire life.

But then his family decided to go one step further. They gathered round, lifted Jon out of his bed, and carried him outside. Then they sat him in a sidecar and let him feel the vibrations of the revving engine one last time.

The bikers who participated in the event will never forget the experience and some even shed tears as they witnessed Jon's joy. It was an unforgettable day for everyone involved.

A few hours after Jon received this wonderful gift, he died peacefully in his wife's arms. And thanks to this outpouring of sympathy from the community, he died a very happy man. What a wonderful gesture!

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